Video Gif Downloader for Twitter is a utility app through which you can download media files linked to the tweet. The gif, vines and videos are downloaded in mp4 format.

How to use?

Two Methods:

  1. via Share button - Open a tweet in twitter app, click “share” button and select “Video tweet downloader” to auto download tweet.
  2. via Copy/Paste method - Copy link to status and paste it in the downloader and it will automatically fetch media for you. Long press downloaded files for options to share, rename and delete files.

Download from Google Play Store

Twitter Video Downloader
* Permissions - No authentication required - Read/Write access to storage to be able to download and save media files - Read network state to check for internet connection

Will it ever be paid or have Ads?

No, I hate ads and the junk they bring. This is a utility app and will never be paid or have ads.


I shall not be held liable for whatever files user download using this app and for any copyright violations user do by downloading copyright protected content using this app. This app has nothing to do with what file is being downloaded. This is merely a tool.

Found bugs?

Let me know about it. has my contact info.

Privacy Policy

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