The game is based on the famous anime series called “Duel Masters”. The source code is available at the official repository of multiplayer Duel Masters game for PC (Linux & Win). To know about the progress, check out the progress update section.

Features to be included

  1. Deck Editor : Lets you edit/save/load decks in the game so that you don’t need to create new decks everytime you play the game. It allows you to add your favorite cards to your deck easily with a simple drag drop interface. It also has a card filter so that you can easily find your favorite card.

  2. In-Game Card set downloader : Lets you download latest available sets of cards so that you can add your favorite cards to your deck easily.

  3. Play against AI : This is a game mode where you play against an AI. It is a perfect mode to test your deck and your dueling skills.

  4. Play Online/LAN : It supports multiplayer gaming options.

Developer Support

Join us on the IRC network : #codershangout at / Port : 6667.

For users : You can also use this web client to easily connect and get in touch with us.

For Developers : We will be using gitter soon. Currently we are using IRC only. IRC connection details are same as above.


  1. Created a cloud notepad for discussions and references. It also has some layout designs for the UI of the game. Check here.

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