Why I am interested in linux kernel?

I am interested in it because i want to know how an operating system works. I am going to be using 2.6 kernel (stable) to study. I will be studying the code as well as the theory part of how this operating system works. What makes linux so fast and secure. Just doing it because i am curious. This being open source i can come to know how to contribute to the largest open source project because there is always a scope for improvement. You should really go through the pre-requisites in order to start off with learning the code of the linux kernel.

What are the pre-requisites?

Basically you should have knowledge of C programming, Operating system concepts, data structures, working experience with linux terminal console & should have been using git.

How to start off?

You should start reading “Linux Kernel Development by Robert Love”. It is considered one of the best books for understanding linux kernel code. There is one more book “Linux in a nutshell by Greg Kroab-Hartman”. It is another good book to get you started with.

What are the important resources?

The home of the linux kernel is http://www.kernel.org. There you can find the latest kernel source code as well.

So let’s begin

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