There is one important lesson i learnt from Mahabharat. Yes, i have seen it! Don’t be surprised now. The lesson is that your actions will always define you no matter what. Even if you belong to lower class or upper class, it does not matter. You actions towards society, towards your parents, towards yourself will judge where you will be in the future. Choices do not make any difference. Choices are given to us at every passing moment. It is all about what we chose and how we do the given task. Because the goal is never in our hands. All we can do is make efforts and if we prevail, it will make us happy. If we don’t, then atleast we will be happy that we tried and there is something more that supernatural power (or god for some) wants us to do.

Today, even in this modern era, we all become judgemental about someone as soon as we hear what caste they belong to or what religion they follow. Are we heading in the right direction? I have often seen people (won’t name any particular caste) threaten people of other castes. Casteism and religion were made by man and no one else. Just so that people in power can discriminate others. People who have strength can bully around. People who have power can bully around. People who have money can bully around. I am a brahman as my surname says (claimed to descend directly from Maharishi Parashara). It is hard to believe that for some just because i do everything that could hurt the sentiments of my community. But who has set these rules? No supernatural power ofcourse. It is the man who has set these rules that a brahmin cannot be a non-vegetarian, cannot consume alcohol, cannot smoke up, etc. I am not revolting against anyone or anybody or against the sentiments of my community. I respect individual thinking. I praise my task and i have a clear aim in life. I let my actions speak rather than letting my caste or religion say it. I do not like people who pass judgements on me on the basis of my caste or religion.

Similarly, why should there be laws to protect few class of people? Why should they be given special treatment in every circumstance. Everyone is born naked, equal and has equal rights and duties. Then why should a mere name after your first name decide how you will be treated among your fellow beings? If there was no casteism, then there would have been no need for defining such protection laws. With time we have all seen how people have fought with each other in the name of religion and caste and have died an unmeaningful death. We humans have a tendency to show how supreme we are even though deep down inside we know we are just puny little creatures who will get washed away by time and nothing will stop it from destroying us. Yeah, right. No matter how much rich you get or how much power you hold, you cannot survive the wrath of time. You never know what’s going to happen. What if there is an earthquake the next moment and everything you cared for or wished for is falling in front of your eyes? At that very moment, the man realizes if he had done something better in life than caring for his own selfish needs, then atleast he would have died in peace. But oh well, this realization is hard to find and maybe it is hiding under your ego and dreams of a stable life. No one is born misfortunate. It is just the level of hard work that they have to do to reach the goal.

I am no one to tell you what you should do. I am just another human being trying to figure out a path to reach his goal. Just like you. I am just going to say that no one should bully others on the basis of the caste they belong to. No one should be treated differently on the basis of the caste. Casteism is merely to spread fear among us. Once you surpass them, you will only see your aim in life. This is what i will always believe in. For right and wrong, it is not for me to decide.

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