I am a computer science grad with experience in full stack web development and interest in cybersecurity. I have been actively contributing to open source projects from past 4 years, mostly developing in Ruby, PHP, JavaScript and Python. Apart from programming, I enjoy taking part in hackathons, CTF events, etc to enhance my knowledge of best practices in cyber security. Do check out my projects section.

Currently staying in Illinois, USA


Got some work? Send email to [email protected] or if just wanna say hi, then write to [email protected]

0xCD1967F4FDF1A9AB - Verify at keybase.io | pgp.mit.edu

LightMd Markdown Editor - FOSS

Built in C & C++ Qt Framework

BoltCTF - FOSS CTF hosting platform

Built using Laravel & Vue.js Frameworks

Google's Chatbase Library- FOSS

Built using Elixir

Computer Science Dept. @ UIS

Built using Ruby on Rails & Vue.js

Computer Science Club @ UIS

Built on Drupal using Bootstrap Framework

Alexa Skills : UIS

Built using Alexa SDK in Node.js

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