You will have to use a USB mini-keyboard with Raspberry Pi. It is a must-have peripheral device. As i told in first tutorial of Raspberry Pi tutorial series, I am using an Intex keyboard. Actually there was some issue with keys like # and ". They were interchanged initially. Then I realized since it is a UK make, the default keyboard configuration for Raspbian OS is set to Default (UK). That is why you would see a euro symbol when you press $ key.

How to fix it?

Fixing it is really simple. Run command sudo dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration. Now follow the images shown below to reconfigure keyboard.

Config 1 Config 1 Config 1 Config 1 Config 1 Config 1

Once you are done selecting the type of configuration you need with your keyboard, simply type in terminal sudo service keyboard-setup restart. That’s all. You should now have a properly configured keyboard. Test by typing special symbols and see if they match the characters on the keyboard.

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